In-Check DIALĀ®

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This is the In check DIAL. It is used to measure whether a patient has enough inspiratory flow to activate any of the devices listed on the front.
To use the In check DIAL you will see at the top there are different symbols which indicate different inhalers.
You turn the dial round to the symbol of whatever inhaler you want to check and match up with the arrow on the side.
Put a one way valve in. Hand it to the patient and get them to breathe in.
You then check the red wheel is in the green zone. In this case the red wheel is not in the green zone so we can try again and encourage the patient to breathe a little bit harder.
So, to reset the device tapping in on the table and inverting it. Ask the patient to do it again.
This time you can see that the red wheel is in the green zone and it would be suitable for the patient to use that device.