Making a diagnosis

1) What happens when you go to see a chest specialist

Female patient breathing into a spirometry tube, wearing nose clips
Usually your GP will have referred you. Sometimes you may have been admitted as an emergency to hospital.

Before seeing the specialist you are likely to have had some basic breathing tests including Peak flow and or Spirometry. You may also be asked to go for more detailed breathing tests. This will be explained to you at the time.

The appointment should be a two way process. You will have questions and they will ask you questions about your COPD. In order to manage your COPD on a daily basis, it is important you understand your symptoms, medicines and treatment.

This is your chance to ask the health care professionals any questions but remember you are the person living with COPD and how it affects you. It is important that you tell your specialist about any concerns which are affecting your daily life living with COPD.