Holidays and travel

21) Oxygen and air travel

Before booking, check if you need to:

  • Contact the Customer Contact Centre to tell them you need oxygen.
  • Have your oxygen delivery system approved by the airline in advance.
  • Provide your own oxygen supply, or arrange for the airline to provide it for you?
  • Pay an additional charge?

You are not allowed to take the oxygen equipment supplied by Health Facilities Scotland out of Scotland.


If you are travelling outside Scotland, to somewhere else in the UK, you will need to contact Health Facilities Scotland to arrange your Oxygen supply.
If you are travelling outside the UK you will need to arrange your own oxygen supply.

For more information please see the Oxygen therapy section of this website.

Also consider:

  • If you are using a portable oxygen concentrator, will there be a power supply available? If not, make sure you have enough batteries to last the whole journey, including transit and delays.
  • Is there a weight restriction?
  • How will it need to be stowed?
  • Will it affect your luggage allowance?
  • Do you need someone to help you use your oxygen? This may mean that you need to travel with somebody who can assist you.

NB Some airlines have a set limit on the number of people who require oxygen allowed on board a flight. If you have an onward connection with a different airline remember that their conditions for travel may be different. Check the same details with them.