6) Cleaning a nebuliser

A nebuliser should be cleaned regularly including the masks/ mouth pieces/ medication chamber.  If the nebuliser is not cleaned regularly the medication will take much longer to nebulise and use.


  • Clean everything daily if the nebuliser is in regular use.
  • If the nebuliser is not used daily clean it after every use.
  • Disconnect the mask, mouthpiece and medication chamber. Wash all the pieces in a warm water and detergent solution and rinse.
  • Leave these pieces to air dry and put back together again the next morning.
  • Do not use towels, tissues, a hair dryer or on a radiator to help drying in case you damage the equipment.
  • DON’T wash the tubing this should remain dry.
  • Run the nebuliser for a few seconds before you add the next dose of medication.

Video provided with permission from the Irish Thoracic Society.