5) If symptoms persist

  • If your breathing symptoms do not settle after using all the medication in the medication chamber you should check your written instructions or self management plan.
    A self treatment plan will include information on:

    1. Using your hand held inhalers.
    2. The dosages you should use with the nebuliser.
    3. How often you should take a routine dosage by nebuliser.
    4. How long between you should wait before repeating a nebuliser dose in an urgent situation.
    5. When to contact your GP or respiratory nurse.
  • Do not increase the dose or frequency of the nebuliser medication without prior discussion with the GP, consultant or nurse.
  • Breathing control exercises may be help. Ask your GP for a referral to a respiratory physiotherapist for instructions on breathing control exercises
  • Always seek medical advice if there is any confusion or if you are not sure about the treatment or condition.