3) Instructions for use of a nebuliser

  • Before using the nebuliser, attach the medication chamber to the tubing and run the machine for a few seconds, to make sure the jet holes are clean with no obstructions.
  • Empty contents of the nebule/medication into the medication chamber.
  • Make sure that the mask, tubing and chamber are all attached and connected to the compressor and the compressor is working.
  • Place the nebuliser on a hard surface such as a table or bedside cabinet. Never place the machine on a carpet or similar surface.
  • While using a nebuliser you should sit it upright, well supported in a chair or a bed.
  • Attach the mask or mouthpiece and switch the machine on. Relax and breathe normally.
  • The nebuliser will deliver the medicine in a fine mist, which will take less than 10 minutes.
  • When the nebuliser begins to ‘splutter’, this is a sign the pot is nearly empty. Tap the side of the chamber to ensure any medication on side of pot can be nebulised and continue for about 1 more minute.