2) The Nebuliser

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There are three or four parts to a nebuliser:

  1. Mouthpiece or facemask:
    The mouthpiece is known to be the most effective way of getting the nebulised medication into the lungs.
    It is usually preferred by people in acute breathlessness situations.
    When the mouthpiece is used it reduces the risk of the mist entering the eyes and causing problems.
    If you are unable to use a mouthpiece you should discuss other options with the respiratory nurse or GP
  2. The face mask is used with children, or with adults who cannot use a mouthpiece.
  3. Nebuliser or medication chamber:
    The nebuliser chamber is where the liquid medication is placed.
    The fluid is turned into the fine mist which is simply breathed in.
  4. Air compressor:
    This is the main part of the nebuliser. It pumps air into the nebuliser chamber. This changes the liquid medication into a mist so that it can be simply breathed in.