Oxygen therapy

11) Holiday and travel

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Q. Can I still go on holiday?
Yes. You, or your health care professional can ask for a short term supply of oxygen for use on holiday within the U.K. For more information see Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland factsheet: Holidays [.pdf]

Q. What information do I need to give?

  • Full details of the temporary address.
  • Dates for which you’ll require the equipment.
  • Confirmation that you have permission from the owner of the property to allow the use of the equipment. (This is particularly relevant if long term oxygen has been requested).
  • Permission from the owner to have the equipment delivered before your arrival and have it collected after your departure.

Q. Will I be able to fly if I want to go abroad?
Speak to your health care professional. The mixture of gases in air on an aircraft at altitude has a lower percentage of oxygen than air at sea level. Some airlines will only allow you to use their oxygen supply, others will insist you bring your own so it is always best to check with your airline. Insurance premiums may be higher. A Hypoxic Challenge assessment (fitness to fly assessment) should be considered in all people receiving long term oxygen therapy prior to air travel being considered. For more information see: Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland factsheet: air travel [.pdf].

Q. Will I be able to get holiday insurance?
Yes. This is really important if you have to take medical equipment on holiday. For more information see Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland factsheet: Sympathetic Insurance [.pdf]

For more information see our section on Holidays and travel.