Planning your future care

2) Starting a difficult conversation

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It is difficult to bring up the subject of future care for fear of upsetting your loved ones. Each side wants to protect the other. They won’t feel comfortable about bringing up the conversation for fear of upsetting you. “you will be fine mum, no need to think about that now”.  You could try starting the conversation with something like “I’d like to make plans just in case something unexpected happens”.

If you have decided to think about and plan your future care wishes you could show your loved ones the pages in this section of My Lungs My Life to help get the conversation started.

This conversation should be done while you are well. It is much easier for both you and your loved ones. Family and friends may welcome the opportunity for a discussion. They may also be worried about the responsibility of making decisions that affect you and your future care if they are not sure what you would want yourself.

Talking to them might be difficult at first but it can be a relief to them and you when you have had this kind of discussion.

For more information please see: NHS Inform: Palliative Care Zone – Talking about your condition.