What makes you breathless?

7) What happens when you are not so active?


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  1. COPD and moderate exercise or activity
  2. Deconditioning
  3. Doing less exercise or activity
  4. Short of breath with minimal exercise
  5. Inactivity
  6. Disability
  7. Short of breath with daily activities

Exercise to keep control of your COPD.

Deconditioning = a decline in your ability to exercise or be active. At this stage it is still reversible.

Because you are deconditioned you can do less than before.

You start to notice you are more breathless even though you have done very little.

You become even more inactive.

You notice you are unable to do tasks which you used to do and you are becoming dependent on someone else to help.

You are short of breath as soon as you start a task.

This process often happens over a period of time. Think about how much you can do and think about how much you would like to be able to do. Exercise and activity can help to give you the ability and confidence to manage tasks for yourself.