Asthma in the older person

6) Other tests to confirm asthma

Other tests are often required to ensure there are not other underlying conditions that are affecting your breathing. This can help to confirm a diagnosis of asthma:

Blood samples Chest x-ray Skin prick test Electrocardiograph (ECG)
Test tubes containing blood samples Chest X-ray Skin prick testing Electrocardiograph (ECG) trace
Blood test are done – mainly to check for other underlying conditions A chest X ray – to check for other underlying conditions Allergy tests Tests of the heart may be necessary, such as a heart trace (ECG)

These tests are done because asthma can be combined with other illnesses or other disease symptoms could be similar. The diagnosis of asthma is sometimes confirmed with a ‘trial of asthma treatments’ to see if you definitely have asthma and they help your symptoms.