Healthy eating (Asthma)

1) Why do we need food?

Why do you need food?

  • Food is converted by oxygen into energy for your body, A waste product of this process is carbon dioxide which you then breathe out. People with lung conditions can find breathing out harder to do. If carbon dioxide builds up in your body it can make you feel weaker.
  • A good balanced diet helps maintain your strength and fitness and promote a healthy immune system as well as helping you fight their severity if you do get an infection or flare up.

Why do you need energy?

  • For any activity, including breathing, even at rest.
  • Breathing requires more energy for people with lung conditions once damage has occurred.

Why is food and your diet important if you have asthma?

  • If you are overweight your heart and lungs have to work harder to supply oxygen to your body so keeping a steady weight can be important.
  • Having a good balanced diet helps maintain your strength and fitness and boost your immune system as well as fight infections.
  • Some of the asthma drug treatments can increase body weight and appetite. Ask your healthcare team if you think this is a problem for you.
  • Some people with asthma may also have food allergies and must be careful to avoid certain foods.

Diagram showing food and oxygen entering body, and carbon dioxide and energy being generated