Hospital tests

13) Skin allergy testing (skin prick testing)

Skin prick testing sites

Skin prick testing sites

Another type of test you may have in a hospital out patient clinic is the skin prick test.

Skin prick testing shows an allergic response to a specific allergen.

The skin prick test is simple, safe and quick giving results within 15 minutes. It helps to identify allergens to help you manage your condition and avoid possible triggers.

A small amount of allergen is put just under the skin to produce a localised reaction. This looks like a wheal (bump) and flare (redness) at the puncture site.

It can be carried out on any age group and it is routinely carried out on the inner forearm.

In the rare event of a more severe reaction to the allergens, staff may give an adrenalin injection if required and will support you until you have fully recovered.

Skin prick tests are most commonly used but there are also Immunoglobulin E blood allergy tests and patch testing.