Occupational and work aggravated asthma

2) Definitions – occupational and work aggravated asthma

There are 2 categories:

1) Occupational asthma

Defined as variable asthma with symptoms linked to an irritant found in the work environment but not to causes out side the workplace or at home.
This also falls into 2 types:

  1. Where there can be a delayed reaction, of a few days to years, before symptoms appear, depending on the body’s immune system response to first contact to allergen and the development of symptoms.
  2. Where reaction is immediate and non-allergic caused by irritant, this is Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome (RADS).

2) Work aggravated asthma

Defined as pre-existing asthma worsened by normally harmless irritants or physical effort in the work place.
This however does not mean occupational asthma can not develop due to work place exposure.

This therefore distinguishes occupational asthma from work aggravated asthma. However this distinction also depends on an accurate medical history of present illness, any previous complaints as well as physical examination and selected tests.