Relationships and asking for the help you need

10) Ways of coping during intimacy

Do prepare: Times to avoid sexual activity:
  • Clear any chest secretions using your chest clearance technique.
  • Use your bronchodilator inhaler or nebuliser prior to sexual activity.
  • You use the same amount of oxygen during sex as you would during physical activity.
  • Use breathing control as you would with any other activity and have rests as necessary.
  • Choose a position that is less energetic and avoids pressure on the chest, for example, lying on your side during intercourse may be more comfortable and less tiring.
  • Encourage your partner to assume a more active role.
  • Immediately after a heavy meal.
  • After drinking alcohol.
  • In an uncomfortable room temperature.
  • When under emotional stress.
  • After an asthma attack until you feel fully recovered.