Sleep and asthma (adult)

5) Other factors

Man sitting up in bed coughing

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Increased exposure to allergen.

Delayed response to a trigger:

  • When the initial acute reaction takes place within 1 hour.
  • Then a second response can occur between 3 to 8 hours after exposure to the allergen.

Cooling of the airways such as :

  • The breathing of cooler air for example air conditioning in the  room.
  • Extreme changes in your room temperature in winter time.

Circadian rhythm – your body clock:

Your body clock regulates your daily routine through a series of processes which influence your sleep cycle.
Hormones are released into your circulation which can affect asthma:

  • Melatonin, a hormone that causes you to feel sleepy. It can also affect bronchial muscle tone and inflammation of the mucous linings.
  • Adrenalin, relaxes muscle of airways keeping them open.
  • Histamine is suppressed, causing increased mucus secretion and bronchospasm (tightening  of the airway).