A parents guide to asthma

6) Other signs of Asthma

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  • Nocturnal: asthma can occur very suddenly and worse in the middle of the night. It can leave your child breathless, wheezy and exhausted on waking.
  • Chest tightness: usually extrinsic/allergic asthma. ¬†Chest feels tight and breathing becomes difficult. There is a usually a wheeze.
  • Cough: persistent irritating cough.
  • Silent: breathless starts with no warning and no wheeze.


  • Seasonal: as seasons change different types of pollen occur which can trigger your child’s asthma:
    • Summer – tree/grass/flower pollen in hot dry atmosphere
    • Autumn – fungal spores in wet or damp weather
  • Environmental: dust, chemicals, fumes, animals, fluff from fruit can all be triggers for your child’s asthma.
  • Exercise : when the child is exercising or after exercise they may have a ¬†wheeze and be short of breath. Worse in cold weather.
  • Emotional induced : caused by laughing, excitement or sudden shock.