A practical guide to inhalers

1) Inhalers

Inhaler technique can be hard to get right even for a co-operative, well coordinated adult who is motivated and understands why they need to take an inhaler. They can be very challenging to give an unco-operative, sick or distressed child who might not understand what the inhaler is for. However it is not impossible. It will take practice, patience and you should keep doing this until you are good at this important skill.

You might need some expert advice and support from your practice nurse or a children’s asthma nurse specialist to help you understand how to give the inhalers effectively.

Using inhalers correctly can mean the difference between your child’s asthma being well controlled so they can lead a normal life or being poorly controlled with frequent illness, time off school and distress.

The following film clips will show you the correct way to prepare, use and clean your child’s inhaler. This is important to get the correct dose of medicine from the inhaler.

To see a video of your inhaler select the image below.


If you do not see your inhaler on this list you can speak to your GP, nurse or pharmacist or check the patient information leaflet for your inhaler and medication.

Don’t forgot to return your inhalers to your local pharmacy where they can be safely disposed of or recycled, reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions.