A practical guide to inhalers

4) Spacer devices

  • Large volume spacer

    Large volume spacer

  • Aerochamber


A spacer is a chamber where the medicine is held. Only use one dose of medicine at a time. The inhaler is fitted to it and the number of “puffs” go in to the spacer so it can be taken during several breaths rather than in one big breath. You may need to repeat the inhaler technique again for more than one dose.

  • 1 puff.
  • 10 breaths.
  • 30 seconds.

There are different sized spacers for children of different age groups.

Once the medication is in the spacer it needs to be breathed in fairly quickly, within a minute or so. If you think your child hasn’t had their full dose in that time, stop and try again.


One dose of medicine from the inhaler should be used at a time in the spacer to ensure that the correct dose is delivered. If more than one dose is fired into the spacer at the same time, the full dose may not be delivered.