Asthma, holidays and travel

3) Is your child fit to travel?

  • It is important that you discuss with your GP or healthcare professional before booking a holiday.
  • They can give you advice and information, as well as discussing any concerns you have about your child’s asthma.
  • If your child’s asthma is difficult to control they may need an assessment to check if they are fit to fly. There are a variety of ways in which a health care professional may assess whether they are “fit to fly”
  • The airline may have their own medical paperwork which needs to be completed. This may involve some tests.
  • Not all airlines use the same paperwork or tests so it is important that you check this with them. Do this before you make a booking so that you can be sure that your child will be allowed to fly.
  • Remember there are many places within the UK and Europe that you can visit without having to fly.