Has my child got asthma?

21) Skin allergy testing (skin prick testing)

Skin prick testing

Skin prick testing

Skin prick testing shows an allergic response to a specific allergen.

Skin prick tests are most commonly used but there are also blood tests and patch testing.

The skin prick test is simple, safe and quick with results within 15 minutes. It helps to identify allergens to help you manage your condition and avoid possible triggers.

A small amount of allergen is put just under the skin to produce a localised reaction. This looks like a wheal (bump) and flare (redness) at the puncture site.

It can be carried out on any age group and it is routinely carried out on the inner forearm.

You will may be asked to stop using your child’s antihistamine to allow for more accurate response.

Avoid using perfumes, soaps, body wash or cream on area which will be tested most likely forearms.