Has my child got asthma?

22) What will happen if my child has a test?

Skin prick testing sites

Skin prick testing sites

A drop of allergen is placed on the skin and pressed through. If positive this looks like a wheal (bump) and flare (redness) at the puncture site after 10-15 minutes.

Lancets are used which are a very small aid to give a slight scratch to the surface of the skin to allow some of the solution under the skin.

  • This should not be painful and should not bleed.
  • These solution will be left on the skin for 10-15 minutes then measurements will be made and recorded.

The type of allergen used is decided after consultation with doctors or nurses and based on each child’s medical and symptom history. The doctor, nurse or physiologist will carry out the test.

Roughly between 6-15 allergens can be tested at one time (possibly more on a larger area of skin).