Sleep and asthma

6) What about sleepovers?

Child's bed

Child’s bed

It’s fine to send your child for a sleepover as long as you have checked a few things first

  • Chat to the other parents who will be supervising the sleepover.
  • Make sure there are no pets in the house which are known triggers for your child (even if the pet left less than 6 months ago it can take that time for all the dander to be completely removed).
  • Make sure they can reduce other potential triggers such as aerosols, air fresheners.
  • Make sure you explain what inhalers and medicines your child needs, how to give them properly. Make sure you have asked that the other parents are happy to take on this responsibility. Leave a contact phone number where you can be reached.
  • If your child is well with no warning signs go ahead and enjoy the evening knowing your child is safe and well.
  • Remember a group of over excited children can be a trigger itself, so if you see any other early warning signs on the day of the sleepover, it may be best to reschedule to another date. No-one can know your child quite as well as you, and you don’t want a panicky call at 2am.