What to expect of your child at different ages

6) 10 – 12 years old

Boy taking a drink of water

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  • As the child grows they will often be so busy and distracted they don’t even notice their symptoms.
  • You will say “take your inhaler” and they will say “in a minute” and in a minute will probably have forgotten!
  • Your child needs constant reminders to take inhalers until a regular routine is established.
  • They still need parental supervision when using their inhalers but they should be able to take them independently.
  • Should be able to use a dry powder inhaler device or breath activated inhaler if they prefer.
  • Some children may start to feel self conscious about using an inhaler in front of class mates.
  • Keep a look out for any signs of bullying at this age.
  • Stress can make asthma symptoms worse.