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Other furnishings

Curtains attract more dust, try washable blinds if able. Laminate floors gather less dust than carpets and can be easier for damp dust cleaning. Avoid lower bunk beds as dust constantly falls on top of person in the bottom bunk. The dust includes dead skin cells which we all shed daily. Fabric covered furniture and […]

What you can try

Nobody can ever get rid of dust mites completely. The latest research shows there is very little that is effective in removing or reducing dust mites. Some people with asthma have found attempts to reduce dust mites by house cleaning may help but so far this is not proven. If you want to try here […]

House dust mites

Children with allergic asthma are often extra sensitive to the house dust mite and their droppings. The house dust mite can be found in every home no matter how often you clean. They are unavoidable, you will never fully get rid of house dust mites. The dust mite levels are highest in the living room […]