4) When you have your spirometry test

Female patient breathing into a spirometry tube, wearing nose clipsWhen you have your test.

  • You will be given clear instructions from staff about what you have to do before the test and how to perform the test on the day.  Do ask questions if you are not sure.
  • During the spirometry test you have to blow out as hard and as fast as you can (this is really important or results could be inaccurate).
  • You will be asked to do the forced breathing test at least three times to get consistent results.
  • Because you have to force air out quickly, it can make you feel a little light headed at the end of the breath. The staff will look after you and help if you do feel dizzy.
  • The test requires your co operation and effort for the forced breath out. Some people may find it difficult to follow the instructions or to control their breathing during the test. If you are not sure what you have to do ask staff to explain again.
  • Nose clips will be used to stop any air escaping which may lead to false results.