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What happens before your test

Before your spirometry test. You may be asked not to take your medication, as this may be assessed during test. No vigorous exercise prior to testing. If you smoke, stop smoking for a short time before your test. Don’t eat a heavy meal before your test. Avoid alcohol before your test. Your height and weight […]

What is spirometry?

Spirometry is: A test to show how your lungs are working. One of the first tests which may be carried out to investigate any respiratory symptoms such as shortness of breath, cough or wheeze. Used to show if you have a lung disease. Used to help to separate patients with asthma from those with COPD. […]

If you have severe asthma during pregnancy

You, your asthma team and your midwifery team should work together to help you during your pregnancy. You may need additional check ups such as lung function tests, spirometry or peak flow tests. You may also be offered additional checks for your baby such as ultrasound scans and checks for your baby’s movements and position. […]

What can I expect from my health care team?

Once you start home oxygen, you will be seen once a year by the team to review how you’re getting on with it. This may include: a discussion about your symptoms, an examination and a discussion focused on how you are feeling. A medication review including inhaler technique (for more information see our section on: A […]

Mannitol Challenge Test

For the mannitol challenge test: You will have resting Spirometry measured before starting the challenge. You will be asked to breathe in powder from an inhaler, and asked to hold your breath for 5 seconds before breathing out. The Spirometry test will be repeated after 1 minute. This is repeated with the amount of powder […]

The Histamine/Methacholine Challenge Test

During the Histamine/Methacoline test: You will have resting Spirometry taken before starting the challenge test. You will be asked to breathe in a small amount of the irritant for 2 minutes through a nebuliser. You will have Spirometry repeated within 90 seconds after the nebuliser stops. This is then repeated, gradually increasing the strength of […]

Hospital tests

Your GP may refer you to a respiratory consultant for more detailed tests. Pulmonary function tests Pulmonary function tests are breathing tests carried out in the hospital after being seen by the Respiratory Consultant. You may have had some basic tests at your GP surgery. These hospital tests give more in depth information about your […]