Asthma and pregnancy

6) If you have severe asthma during pregnancy

Mother having an ultrasound

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You, your asthma team and your midwifery team should work together to help you during your pregnancy.

You may need additional check ups such as lung function tests, spirometry or peak flow tests. You may also be offered additional checks for your baby such as ultrasound scans and checks for your baby’s movements and position.

You maybe given increased dose of asthma inhalers or medications. This is the safer option for you and your baby over the increased risk of complications from your asthma on your preganacy. If you have any questions or concerns speak to your doctor, midwife or asthma nurse. Let all your healthcare professionals know about any changes in your asthma or in your pregnancy.

if you  have a severe asthma attack you may require drugs which may be given by a nebuliser. Very occasionally the attack may be severe and result in a hospital admission and you may be given some oxygen in addition to all your normal medication.