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Things to consider before making a booking

Are you fit enough to travel? What medications you need, and how they should be transported. Do you need any vaccinations? Do you have adequate travel and medical insurance? Is your preferred destination & accommodation going to meet your needs? How will you get there? Do you need oxygen while away? Have you considered possible […]

If you have severe asthma during pregnancy

You, your asthma team and your midwifery team should work together to help you during your pregnancy. You may need additional check ups such as lung function tests, spirometry or peak flow tests. You may also be offered additional checks for your baby such as ultrasound scans and checks for your baby’s movements and position. […]

Who needs oxygen therapy?

Oxygen is vital to everyone, not just people with respiratory problems. Only certain people with COPD will need home oxygen therapy. *This situation affects some patients with severe COPD – measuring oxygen saturations when you are stable is a good screening test; a specific oxygen assessment is indicated if stable oxygen saturations are below normal. […]

Going to hospital

Many people experiencing an exacerbation of their COPD will be able to have their treatment at home. However, if your GP is worried about you they may arrange for you to go into hospital. You need to be in hospital if your oxygen levels are low, or you are really breathless and not managing at […]