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Key messages

Remember breathlessness related to anxiety is normal. It is your bodies way of trying to help you in situations which you find difficult or in which you worry about your ability to cope. Explore and understand the triggers for your anxiety. If you find anxiety is becoming a problem which is affecting your day-to-day life. […]

Overcoming fatigue

Fatigue means extreme tiredness. Fatigue and breathlessness what helps you? Have you tried relaxation? Have you tried breathing control techniques?- if not speak to your healthcare team. Do you need some help to manage difficult or heavy tasks? Recharge your body “battery” and allow yourself to slow down for a while. Save some energy for […]

How can I join a pulmonary rehabilitation course?

Most health care professionals can refer you to pulmonary rehabilitation so make sure you ask them about it if you think this could help you. If you have an MRC score of 3 or above you can benefit from pulmonary rehabilitation (see below). Do not go to the gym until after you have been to […]

Intimate relationships

Some people with COPD may have concerns about the condition affecting sexual relationships and intimacy. COPD does not diminish your ability to have an intimate relationship but problems with lack of energy, coughing and breathlessness may affect your stamina and interest in sex. You may even avoid sexual intimacy because you are scared you may […]

Types of exercises

Suppleness We know that if you are more flexible daily tasks such as bending and reaching are easier. This will also help you to improve your posture which means your lungs will work better. Strengthening This will increase the load that your muscles can cope with. We know that having stronger muscles will mean that […]