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More strenuous exercise

As you improve your level of fitness you may want to think about other more strenuous exercises. Remember that a warm up is even more important when you are going to do any strenuous exercise. If exercising outdoors you may also have to consider the weather conditions either cold and windy weather or hot and […]

Choosing your exercise

Exercise need not be expensive. You can walk for free and this is a good activity to start with if you have not exercised for some time. Some health boards and councils offer reduced sports memberships or supported sports activities for health conditions. Check with your healthcare team if there are any such schemes in […]

Checks before you start exercise or activity

Check with your GP or asthma nurse for any limits or precautions you should be aware of before you exercise. It is  important to seek medical advice prior to starting any new sports/gym activities.  If your asthma is well controlled there should be no reason why you can’t exercise or be more active. If you have […]

Why exercise and sport are good for people with asthma

Exercise is important for everyone and the good news for people with asthma is that it is good for you too. Benefits of exercise: Improves lung capacity. Manage your symptoms better. Easier to manage daily tasks. Increase your confidence. Less fear of breathlessness. Good for social contact with others. Lift your mood. Improve strength, posture […]

Other coping strategies

You may already be using strategies which help you cope, or have found you have no choice but to change your daily routines. Other people may have given you suggestions for coping strategies to help you to manage your breathlessness, symptoms and situations. There are many strategies which may be helpful and we would suggest, […]

More strenuous exercise

As your child improves their level of fitness they may be ready to think about other more strenuous exercises. Suggestions for increased exercise: Running – try joining an after school or an athletics group or find a friend who can run with them. Circuit training. Swimming or Aquarobics. Tennis or Badminton. Hill walking or Duke […]