Physical activity and exercise

9) How hard should I exercise

How hard do you push yourself? Rate yourself on the scale below
Scale Definition
exercise_scale_0 0 Completely normal
exercise_scale_1 1 Very slightly breathless
exercise_scale_2 2 Moderately breathless
exercise_scale_3 3 Hot and moderately breathless
exercise_scale_4 4
exercise_scale_5 5 Hot and somewhat severely breathless
exercise_scale_6 6
exercise_scale_7 7 Hot and severely breathless
exercise_scale_8 8
exercise_scale_9 9
exercise_scale_10 10 Couldn’t be more hot and breathless

You should aim to work at a moderate level. When working at a moderate level you will be warm and short of breath to the point you would not be able to sing but still able to complete a short sentence. This equates to somewhere between 3 and 5 on the scale.