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Tips to help your child – activities and routines

Do let your child do normal activities. Encourage your child to take part with friends in healthy social and physical activities. Let your child learn to be independent. Supervise them until you are confident that they can manage tasks on their own. If they see you are pleased and that you trust them they will feel […]

How do you explain how you feel?

Try thinking about how your COPD affects you physically, emotionally and socially. At different times these three parts in your life may be more or less important. There may be times when all three parts are having an impact on how you are coping. Once you know how these affect you, telling this to others […]

Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s DON’Ts DO be sure to carry any sprays or inhalers with you when you exercise as advised by your health care professional. DO always warm up. Begin with some gentle movements to warm up your muscle and prepare your body for exercise. DO work at your own level. Here are some symptoms you will […]

What happens if you don’t do any exercise or activity?

If you do less exercise or activity you will become deconditioned. Your muscles weaken and lose bulk including the muscles you need for breathing and the large muscles in your legs and arms. You will become more breathless as you do less activity. If you continue to be inactive you will feel worse, need more […]

Physical activity and exercise

Physical Activity Exercise Physical activity is a general term used to describe movement of the body that uses energy. It can be as simple as going about your day to day routine. Examples include: Mowing the lawn. Hanging out washing. Doing the shopping. Playing with your children or grand children. Hoovering. Gardening. Exercise is more […]