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Family and friends

Even those close to you may not appreciate how your asthma is affecting you physically, emotionally and socially. Everyone leads a busy life and sometimes family and friends don’t offer help because they don’t know you need it or they don’t know how to help. Talking about what help you need or what you are […]

How do you explain how you feel?

Try thinking about how your asthma affects you physically, emotionally and socially. At different times these three parts in your life may be more or less important. There may be times when all three parts are having an impact on how you are coping. Once you can identify how these affect you, telling this to […]

Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s DON’Ts DO be sure to carry any sprays or inhalers with you when you exercise as advised by your health care professional. DO always warm up. Begin with some gentle movements to warm up your muscle and prepare your body for exercise. DO work at your own level. Here are some symptoms you will […]