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Key messages

Remember breathlessness related to anxiety is normal. It is your bodies way of trying to help you in situations which you find difficult or in which you worry about your ability to cope. Explore and understand the triggers for your anxiety. If you find anxiety is becoming a problem which is affecting your day-to-day life. […]

What is Relaxation

One definition of relaxation is: a state of being free from tension and anxiety. Relaxation is about resting your mind and body. It is an important part of taking care of yourself. It is a useful method for managing anxiety, stress and the fight/flight response. There are many different types of relaxation and we will […]

If we don’t pace what happens?

Words you might use: Words healthcare professionals use: I am exhausted. Get really breathless. Not worth anything later in the day. I panic… Get worried about how breathless I am. Fed up and frustrated. Irritable. I stay away from / stop trying to do the thing that makes me breathless. Fatigue. Increased breathlessness. Fatigue. Anxiety […]

Tips to help your child – activities and routines

Do let your child do normal activities. Encourage your child to take part with friends in healthy social and physical activities. Let your child learn to be independent. Supervise them until you are confident that they can manage tasks on their own. If they see you are pleased and that you trust them they will feel […]

Tips to help your child – what to do when they are anxious

Stay calm and look relaxed even if you are feeling anxious too. Your child’s anxiety will be worse if they know you are worried. If you can, take the child to a quite room away from noise and distractions: Speak in a gentle soothing tone. Give sips of water. Stay with your child until they […]

Thinking or behaviour changes

Some children who regularly feel anxious may: Feel scared or panicky. Find it hard to concentrate. Have worries or negative thoughts e.g. that bad things are going to happen. Have angry outbursts or feel out of control very quickly. Dislike or avoid new things, situations or challenges. Have low confidence. Have difficulty sleeping. Dislike being […]