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Visual relaxation

Visualisation relaxation is another way to help you feel calm and relaxed. This relaxation is used to create a picture in your mind. We all daydream sometimes or we let our thoughts wander.  You can use this skill to create a pleasant relaxing image. This helps to relax your body and distract you from any […]

Simple relaxation

This form of relaxation uses the Mitchell method. The technique gets you to focus your thoughts to be aware of what your body is feeling, where you are holding tension in different muscles and learning how to let go of that tension. Listen to the audio clip. You can also download this clip to your […]

Everyday relaxation

Everyday activities and hobbies can be useful for relaxation. These allow you to take time out of your day and focus on enjoyable activities. Some examples are: Listening to music or a favourite radio station. Sitting with a magazine or book. Gentle exercise or walking. Spending time with family or friends e.g. going out for […]

Benefits of relaxation

If you can make time to practice relaxation regularly you will become skilled at doing which ever method suits you best.  You should start to notice some of the following benefits; Lower blood pressure. Slower more controlled breathing. Improved mood. Increased blood flow to muscles. Less muscle tension and for some people, reduced muscle pain. […]

What is Relaxation

One definition of relaxation is: a state of being free from tension and anxiety. Relaxation is about resting your mind and body. It is an important part of taking care of yourself. It is a useful method for managing anxiety, stress and the fight/flight response. There are many different types of relaxation and we will […]

Relaxation and asthma

Relaxation can help if you also use breathing techniques and chest clearance methods. Like any new skill, you will need to practice relaxation. The more you practice the easier it becomes. One of the main methods is used to recognise the tension in your muscles and learn how to release it by using small movements […]

Breathing techniques to help asthma control

In addition to your inhalers and medication, breathing techniques are recommended for people with asthma. For more information please see: SIGN guideline 153: British guideline on the management of asthma. These breathing techniques should be taught by a respiratory physiotherapist or in some places a specialist respiratory nurse. You may need a series of appointments […]

Practical tips for pacing yourself

Plan your day; use diaries / timetables to balance activities with quieter times / rest to manage your symptoms. Listen to your body – watch out for, and use, warning signs to set limits. Don’t keep going with something “just to get it finished” if your body is telling you to stop. Remember symptoms can […]

Tips to help your child – what to do when they are anxious

Stay calm and look relaxed even if you are feeling anxious too. Your child’s anxiety will be worse if they know you are worried. If you can, take the child to a quite room away from noise and distractions: Speak in a gentle soothing tone. Give sips of water. Stay with your child until they […]