COPD and relaxation

5) Everyday relaxation

Older man gardening
Everyday activities and hobbies can be useful for relaxation. These allow you to take time out of your day and focus on enjoyable activities. Some examples are:

  • Listening to music or a favourite radio station.
  • Sitting with a magazine or book.
  • Gentle exercise or walking.
  • Spending time with family or friends e.g. going out for a coffee.
  • Gardening, crafts, baking or working with your hands.

Think about what activities you enjoy which help you to feel more relaxed and calm. Try and do one of these activities every day.

You can also practice specific relaxation techniques, which can be very helpful.

Relaxation techniques do not come naturally to many people and they are skills which need to be practised. Think of it like learning to play a musical instrument, the more practice the more skilled you will become.

With time and practice you can become very good at relaxation techniques and better at managing anxiety and stress. There are two types of relaxation techniques on audio clips to try on the following pages.