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Breathing techniques to help asthma control

In addition to your inhalers and medication, breathing techniques are recommended for people with asthma. For more information please see: SIGN guideline 153: British guideline on the management of asthma. These breathing techniques should be taught by a respiratory physiotherapist or in some places a specialist respiratory nurse. You may need a series of appointments […]

Who will be there

Every programme is organised and coordinated by a healthcare professional. This will usually be a nurse or a physiotherapist. These will be the core staff who will be at all your pulmonary rehabilitation sessions. Pulmonary rehabilitation programmes vary, and may also involve other health care professionals for the education sessions.

Breathing control exercises and plan

All of the breathing control exercises are different depending on which type of altered breathing pattern is identified. Each child needs an individualised assessment and breathing control treatment plan. This is just an example of a personal breathing control plan. Each person is different. You can ask your respiratory team if a breathing control plan […]

Preparing to leave Hospital

You may find that you have lost some strength and fitness while in hospital. Your recovery at home may take some time. You may be offered help to stop smoking. A variety of help is available. Perhaps you were finding it difficult coping with all your daily chores before you came into hospital? An assessment […]