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What to do if your child’s breathing is worse

This condition of altered breathing patterns often relapses. It recurs commonly and the management doesn’t change. The breathing control exercises should be repeated. If your child has an asthma plan you should also follow the instructions on the plan if you feel your child’s asthma is getting worse. Get help, see your doctor for a […]

Altered breathing pattern versus asthma?

How do you identify the source of your child’s breathlessness? If your child is breathless – sit them down. Zone into their breathing and note what they are feeling. Carry out your child’s breathing control exercises for 2 minutes. If they still feel breathless follow their asthma action plan and help them to take their […]

Breathing control exercises and plan

All of the breathing control exercises are different depending on which type of altered breathing pattern is identified. Each child needs an individualised assessment and breathing control treatment plan. This is just an example of a personal breathing control plan. Each person is different. You can ask your respiratory team if a breathing control plan […]

What are Altered Breathing Patterns?

When anxiety becomes severe it can cause your child to become very breathless and feel that they cannot breathe. This is acute hyperventilation and can be very frightening. These are commonly described as panic attacks. If the individual child or young person’s breathing pattern is altered for some time it can become their normal way of […]

Difficult to control asthma – allergies

Allergies Allergens can be found in a variety of sources such as house dust mite, pollen and pet dander. If you are allergic to something, ongoing exposure can aggravate the inflammation in your airways and increase the severity of your asthma. Therefore, avoiding or reducing exposure to risk factors, when possible, can help improve asthma […]