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Checks before your child starts to exercise

Check with your GP or asthma nurse for any limits or precautions you should be aware of before your child starts to exercise. If their asthma is well controlled there should be no reason why they can’t exercise. If they have had exercise induced asthma in the past, they may be reluctant to try exercise […]

Things which can help your sleep

Using a Peak Flow meter and keeping a diary will show any early changes in your airways, allowing action to be taken. Using your appropriate treatments effectively: Steroid inhalers to reduced inflammation in airways. Reliever inhalers to prevent airway spasm. Try a bedtime routine: Avoid distractions like television, mobile or tablet use in your bedroom. […]

Relievers – long acting (LAMA)

Long acting relievers work in a similar way to the short acting anti-muscarinics but as the name suggest, their effect lasts for longer, 12-24 hours, depending on drug. If you are taking one of these long acting anti-muscarinics, then you should no longer be taking a short acting anti-muscarinic (ipratropium). Please note: These are the […]