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Checks before your child starts to exercise

Check with your GP or asthma nurse for any limits or precautions you should be aware of before your child starts to exercise. If their asthma is well controlled there should be no reason why they can’t exercise. If they have had exercise induced asthma in the past, they may be reluctant to try exercise […]

7 – 10 years old

Children can start to understand cause and effect so they start to recognise when they are becoming breathless and what to do about it. Sometimes they will know what triggers to avoid. They can identify how they feel. They can sometimes feel symptoms before we can see them. Listen to them and what they say! […]

What can you do to help?

Some ways you can help are: Remember to give your child their preventer in the evening. Avoid bringing triggers into their bedroom such as aerosol sprays, plug in air fresheners, pets, cigarette smoke. Keep room well ventilated. Avoid anything which causes dampness such as drying clothes in bedrooms or using a humidifier. This can lead […]

Preventers – tablets

For advice on giving your child tablets please see Medicines for Children – Types of medicines. Please note: These are the most commonly used tablets at the time of publication of this website. If you do not see your tablets you can speak to your GP or pharmacist or check the patient information leaflet for […]

Asthma medicines – relievers and preventers

There are 2 basic asthma medicines: Reliever Preventer Relievers: Are usually blue inhalers. Everyone with asthma should have one. Should be taken when asthma symptoms start. Should relieve asthma symptoms for a few (approx. 4-6) hours. Preventers: Are usually brown or orange inhalers. Are inhaled steroids. Steroids help reduce inflammation in the lungs. Preventers reduce […]

What treatment will my child need? Preventers

Your doctor or nurse may prescribe another type of inhaler which is usually brown in colour and taken every day even when your child is well. This inhaler is often referred to as a preventer inhaler and belongs to a group of medicines called steroids. Steroid inhalers reduce inflammation inside your child’s airways. This is […]