Medication for my childs asthma

1) Asthma medicines – relievers and preventers

There are 2 basic asthma medicines:

Reliever Preventer
Blue inhaler Brown inhaler

  • Are usually blue inhalers.
  • Everyone with asthma should have one.
  • Should be taken when asthma symptoms start.
  • Should relieve asthma symptoms for a few (approx. 4-6) hours.

  • Are usually brown or orange inhalers.
  • Are inhaled steroids.
  • Steroids help reduce inflammation in the lungs.
  • Preventers reduce the risk of severe attacks.
  • Need to be taken every morning and night (usually) even when feeling well.
  • Don’t have an immediate effect it may take up to 14 days before you notice any improvement in your child’s asthma symptoms.
  • You should not stop your child’s preventer inhaler without medical advice even if they are feeling well. This shows the preventers are working.

Self management