What to expect of your child at different ages

5) 7 – 10 years old

Young girl on a swing

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  • Children can start to understand cause and effect so they start to recognise when they are becoming breathless and what to do about it. Sometimes they will know what triggers to avoid.
  • They can identify how they feel.
  • They can sometimes feel symptoms before we can see them.
  • Listen to them and what they say!
  • They can start to understand that if they feel wheezy or cough, they should take their blue inhaler. It is important to teach them this is what to do if they are feeling unwell at school.
  • They learn the difference between preventer and reliever inhalers.
  • They still need a huge amount of support from parents to remind them to take inhalers but should be able to actually take them themselves with your supervision.
  • Don’t have unrealistic expectations of what your child can do on their own, they are still young.