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Sleep and asthma symptoms

Asthma symptoms you might notice at night include: Cough. Wheeze. Shortness of breath. Difficulty getting to sleep. Poor quality , un-refreshing , fragmented sleep. Wakening earlier. All of these cause you to have a bad night and can be very frightening, and results in an increase in day time sleepiness. This can be called ‘nocturnal asthma’.

Late warning signs - time to get help

Not every child will have all of these symptoms. If you notice any of them you should seek help right away: Disturbed sleep due to symptoms. Troublesome cough. Coughing spasms. Cough until they gag or vomit. A wheeze which can clearly be heard. Tummy or ribs visibly sucking in when breathing. Lethargic / sleepy / […]

7 – 10 years old

Children can start to understand cause and effect so they start to recognise when they are becoming breathless and what to do about it. Sometimes they will know what triggers to avoid. They can identify how they feel. They can sometimes feel symptoms before we can see them. Listen to them and what they say! […]