Wheeze and your child

6) How will I give my child their medicine?

There are specific techniques for using inhalers with or without spacer devices depending on the age of your child and the prescribed inhaler they are given. It is very important to follow the specific instructions about how to use the inhalers as given by the doctor, nurse or pharmacist. It is useful to have a health professional check your child’s inhaler technique regularly.

Techniques for using inhalers

  • You should know the difference between a preventer and a reliever inhaler and when to use each one.
  • Sometimes your child will be given medicine as a tablet. Check if these tablets are suitable to be crushed or not.
  • Sometimes when you give medicine you should get your child to wipe their mouth, brush their teeth or give a drink. You can get advice about if this is necessary from your healthcare professional.
  • Check the time of day the inhaler or medicine should be given and get in to a routine which suits you and your child. For example put inhalers next to their toothbrush in the bathroom and use before they brush their teeth.