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Difficult to control asthma – allergies

Allergies Allergens can be found in a variety of sources such as house dust mite, pollen and pet dander. If you are allergic to something, ongoing exposure can aggravate the inflammation in your airways and increase the severity of your asthma. Therefore, avoiding or reducing exposure to risk factors, when possible, can help improve asthma […]

Eczema and other allergies

If your child has eczema or other conditions such as hayfever or allergic rhinitis which causes them to be hypersensitive, this can increase the likelihood that they will develop asthma. Eczema, hayfever or allergic rhinitis, and other allergies can help support a diagnosis of asthma. If you notice any symptoms tell your GP or practice […]

Symptoms of occupational or work aggravated asthma

Symptoms worsen while at work and improve or disappear when away from work. Symptoms may also improve with inhaler treatment, but can improve without medication if irritant exposure is reduced. Other symptoms: Rhinitis (inflammation inside nose causing sneezing, blocked, itchy and running nose). Conjunctivitis (often called Pink Eye, an infection between outer lining of eye […]