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Other medicines

If you have allergies such as hay fever there are some antihistamines which are suitable for asthma and pregnancy – speak to your doctor about this. During pregnancy indigestion, heartburn and acid reflux are common (when stomach acid is pushed up in to your throat, irritating your airways and feeding tube or oesophagus) This acid […]

Eczema and other allergies

If your child has eczema or other conditions such as hayfever or allergic rhinitis which causes them to be hypersensitive, this can increase the likelihood that they will develop asthma. Eczema, hayfever or allergic rhinitis, and other allergies can help support a diagnosis of asthma. If you notice any symptoms tell your GP or practice […]


Some children with asthma find their symptoms are worse in certain seasons. Grass pollens, tree pollens and crops can all affect people triggering sneezing, and watery eyes in hayfever sufferers and further wheezing in children with asthma. Important If your child has symptoms of allergy you should speak to your nurse, doctor or pharmacist to […]