Pulmonary rehabilitation

3) Who will be there

Every programme is organised and coordinated by a healthcare professional. This will usually be a nurse or a physiotherapist. These will be the core staff who will be at all your pulmonary rehabilitation sessions.
Pulmonary rehabilitation programmes vary, and may also involve other health care professionals for the education sessions.

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Select the staff members below to find out more about their involvement in Pulmonary rehab.

  • Physiotherapist – The physiotherapist will show you exercises to suit your ability, and provide advice and tips for fitness and breathing
  • Nurse – The nurse will perform health checks, advice, help to stop smoking and discussions
  • Occupational therapist – The occupational therapist will provide advice on pacing, dealing with anxiety, as well as equipment you may need
  • Dietician – The dietician will provide advice on weight loss or weight gain, healthy eating and tips to try if you are breathless when eating
  • Psychologist – The psychologist will provide advice on how to deal with the emotional aspects of COPD
  • Pharmacists – The pharmacist will provide advice and information about your inhalers and medicines
  • Social worker – The social worker will provide advice about benefits and services in the community
  • Doctor – The doctor will provide advice about medical causes and treatments of your COPD
  • Other people who have graduated from the rehab programmeOther people who have graduated from the rehab programme can be a great source of support, fun and companionship and give you tips which have worked for them