COPD and relaxation

2) Benefits of relaxation

If you can make time to practice relaxation regularly you will become skilled at doing which ever method suits you best.  You should start to notice some of the following benefits;

  • Blood pressure
    Lower blood pressure.
  • Body with lungs
    Slower more controlled breathing.
  • Cartoon image of brain
    Improved mood.
  • Blood cells
    Increased blood flow to muscles.
  • Man holding lower back
    Less muscle tension and for some people, reduced muscle pain.
  • Lower stress gauge
    Lower levels of stress hormones resulting in you feeling calmer and making you feel better.
  • Reduced fatigue and tiredness
    Reduced fatigue and tiredness.
  • Man sleeping in bed
    Improved sleep.

Other benefits can include better posture, feeling more in control and having more energy.