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Barriers to pacing

Ignoring what your body is telling you. Getting caught by old habits and routines. Not saying “No”, or negotiating with others what is right for you. Being fearful of symptoms. This can then lead to avoidance behaviours. Disrupt daily activities and plans. Then there is the risk of getting stuck in peak / trough, and […]

Practical tips for pacing yourself

Plan your day; use diaries / timetables to balance activities with quieter times / rest to manage your symptoms. Listen to your body – watch out for, and use, warning signs to set limits. Don’t keep going with something “just to get it finished” if your body is telling you to stop. Remember symptoms can […]


Pacing should avoid the high peaks and low troughs and even out your energy level for the day. Notice how you can complete more tasks than before over a longer time. You should still be able to gradually build up exercise and activity in to your day using pacing. Use of pacing helps you manage […]

If we don’t pace what happens?

Words you might use: Words healthcare professionals use: I am exhausted. Get really breathless. Not worth anything later in the day. I panic… Get worried about how breathless I am. Fed up and frustrated. Irritable. I stay away from / stop trying to do the thing that makes me breathless. Fatigue. Increased breathlessness. Fatigue. Anxiety […]

Work and your fitness

A good place to start is to check with your GP and make sure you fully understand your COPD, your medications and how to stay as well as you can. This includes getting your flu vaccination, attending follow up appointments and so on. Discuss your work with your GP. How much physical effort you need, […]